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About SCS Decor

"Marriages are made in heaven." Being the ultimate unicorn as wedding planners, we can drive the biggest celebration in your life without leaving any slightest trail of hassles with you.

SCS Decor was founded by Late Sudam Charan Sahoo under the SCS Group in the year of 1986. It's original name was Maa Mangala florist. We are professional wedding flower decorator located in Bhubaneswar. Now SCS Decor has become the pioneer in wedding decoration. SCS Decor has executed more than lakhs of events till date and we are learning new creative techniques to enhance our decor. We provide all kind of flower decoration for functions and celebration. We are experts in designing the best wedding decorations, and the best theme decorations as well for all kinds of weddings in every type of tradition. We also specialize in professional flower arrangements based on individual client requirements. We provide the most stunning, unique creations for every type of event.

We do the flower decorations at home, marriage venues, and cars for weddings and other events in all over odisha. We strive to deliver the best to our clients for professional decor that stands out and captures the mood and transparency of the occasion. If you are looking for the best wedding decoration for your special day, look no further as SCS Decor provides the most unique and charming style to every occasion with its mint of creativity.

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About The Founder

fame only  by the hard work of Late Sudam Charan Sahoo

"SCS Decor" the full form of it is the name itself of the founder Late Sudam Charan Sahoo. Earlier SCS Decor was known by Maa Mangala Florist in the year of 1986.

It gained recognition and fame only  by the hard work of Late Sudam Charan Sahoo. He was a man full of dedication and efficiency. He had never compromised on the quality or design of his works. From a little shop, it bloomed into a brand name SCS Decor.

Sudam Charan Sahoo died in the year of 2017. Later on, SCS Decor was taken over by his sons Mr. Sarada prasanna Sahoo and Mr. Satyanarayan Sahoo. Through their zeal and concentration to achieve success, they took SCS Decor to new heights. Now SCS Decor has become a brand in the era of 21st century and is appreciated and loved by many people in India.

Late. Sudam Charan Sahoo

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